Date: 2016-10-19 02:45 am (UTC)
thatdamnknight: (expectation is the root of all heartache)
From: [personal profile] thatdamnknight
No. I can do so unintentionally, wherein lies the biggest issue. I'm incapable of noticing another person flirting with me, as well.

[and it's been a problem. a big problem.]

Date: 2016-10-23 05:15 pm (UTC)
thatdamnknight: (is this a dagger which i see before me)
From: [personal profile] thatdamnknight
It is. Either complimenting them or behaving in a polite manner somehow comes off as me being interested in them despite that not being the case.

[which is frustrating to someone who tries to display proper manners whenever possible. politeness ought to be the norm and not seen as flirting!]