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✹ IC Mailbox for Cerealia

Going to fix this up!
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Yes, I think I saw those around.

[If only he's a little bigger.]

Have you try putting your jewelry into a box? Although... that might be tough if you don't have a fireproof box or container to put them in.
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They would have to, if they want to protect valuable things... I'm worried that it might be very expensive.

[Because useful things like that made of special sounding materials cost money, right.]

... You'll buy a fire extinguisher for me?
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I see... I normally save my money just in case.

[ A quiet pause, as he thinks.]

... No, I do want one. Whenever you get it for me, I'll pay you back one day.
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Just in case... I need to pay for something.

[So emergencies and presents. A pause, before he slowly nods.]

If you say so... Thank you, Veronica-san.
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If you need help with it... just ask.

[It's not like saving money is a hard concept. ... Right?]

Whenever you buy it, just... give it to me whenever it's good for you. [So no rush! Even though he didn't know how long this fire thing will go for.]