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✹ IC Mailbox for Cerealia

Going to fix this up!
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[what politeness! it's definitely something flynn can both appreciate and understand, unlike the mysteries of love and romance.]

Some people seem to naturally grasp what romance and love entail, your friend potentially among them.

[flynn's smile immediately vanishes when veronica says that. is there a blush? you can bet there's a blush. this is supposed to be a pick-up line? even raven wouldn't use this (flynn hopes, anyway...).]

...I cannot fathom how this sort of line would cause anyone to become enamored.
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[one thing flynn has going for him is the ability to be oblivious in certain situations, such as right now. noticing veronica staring leads to confusion. it beats embarrassment, sure, but that'll probably return sooner rather than later.

really though, why would she be staring and so pointedly at his pants? speaking about pants in pick-up lines doesn't warrant such an intense stare... does it?]

Is there something on my pants?
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[wondering if they...

flynn, thankfully, has enough shame for the both of them and promptly goes red again. there's a realization, too, that veronica doesn't fully grasp the implication of that phrase.]

N-no, that isn't... the point of the line.

[god. he has to explain this and no chance of avoiding it exists. veronica mentioned desiring to learn. what sort of a person would he be if he hindered that learning by not correcting her? ...a person who doesn't look like they're part-beet. flynn can deal. it's for the sake of educating a friend!!]

The implication is a desire to see another individual naked, hence the pants appearing better on the floor due to the fact they would no longer be on the person.
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[a new and quick fever would be preferable to blushing to death. on the brightside, the blush dies down somewhat the more the explaining goes on. veronica's lack of understanding makes it easier to take on the role of teacher, which makes flynn feel a bit more at ease than were someone trying to casually chat him up about this topic.]

Saying so can often come across as too blunt. In addition to softening the bluntness, such phrases can also enamor or be used to tease the other person and increase the likelihood of intimacy occurring.

[some people like cheesy lines. to each their own.]
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[that's the best way to look at it. whatever floats a couple's boat.]

Precisely so. Different couples find different things endearing. Some might even prefer that honesty over lines of this nature.

[using this sort of a line himself would probably get him laughed at. then again, if used right, it could also be so odd that it'd throw a certain someone off guard entirely and amuse flynn instead. hmm...]
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I'm truly not. I can understand some of the principles and certain aspects of it, but remain oblivious to others.

[like people flirting with him. that goes over his head every single time.]
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[what a good friend for wanting to help! flynn, sadly, may be beyond help with this one.]

I... I cannot seem to grasp the concept of flirting.
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No. I can do so unintentionally, wherein lies the biggest issue. I'm incapable of noticing another person flirting with me, as well.

[and it's been a problem. a big problem.]
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It is. Either complimenting them or behaving in a polite manner somehow comes off as me being interested in them despite that not being the case.

[which is frustrating to someone who tries to display proper manners whenever possible. politeness ought to be the norm and not seen as flirting!]