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✹ IC Mailbox for Cerealia

Going to fix this up!
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[He looks pained, yet he tries to hide it behind a smile. Of course Veronica could never see him that way, what was he thinking of trying? And she only saw him as a friend, which made it even worse.]

A precious friend... [It sounds as if that hurts him to even repeat, but he told her if she didn't accept him, he was fine. So why was he sounding in pain? He's had his heart broken before.] Thank you for being honest with me. There is other one thing I wish to tell you. Even before I felt this way about you, I made a decision. A decision to change not only for myself, but for you. I want to be a better man for both of us. So if there ever is a chance for me to be with you in the future, my decision will remain the same. I care too deeply for you to throw everything away out simply because you do not share my feelings.

[He was putting on a strong face for her most of all and moved himself so he could embrace her gently.]

Call me a fool and ridiculous, but my heart will not change for a long time and I am sorry. Even if you do not share my feelings, I still wish to one day have you as my own. Yet, I will not force it upon you. You are precious to me as both a friend and more. I would do anything to bring you happiness. If you wish for me to leave for a time, I will do so. I wish to still open myself to you as well, if you will allow it. I've even realized you mean the world to me, Veronica. No many women in my life hold that same meaning and my only hope is you can forgive me for being the way I am.
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[Angelo holds onto Veronica a little tighter now, as if he doesn't want to let her go. He's feeling if he lets her go, she'll find another man who is better than he is and everything will fall apart right front of him.]

Thank you Veronica. [He's also visibly shaking in her embrace, something he rarely does.] Goddess, look at me... Shaking me like a child. Scared if I let you go, you'll replace me with someone better. Someone who is more worth your love than I am. I truly am a fool.
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[Yeah, Veronica was making this a lot more painful by just saying that to him. She made it so obvious she didn't want him in the way he wanted to nor give him any hope it could happen in the future. She was pushing him away and he didn't like it.]

I appreciate what you're saying Veronica, I do, but... I think for now, I need time to heal.
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[He kisses one of her hands gently and tries to smile for her, even if it is pained.]

You still mean very much to me and I'll always care about you. However, I think it's time I departed/ [He then makes his way to her front door.] I'll see you some time later, Veronica.

[And with a small wave, he opens the front door and leaves.]