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✹ IC Mailbox for Cerealia

Going to fix this up!
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remember that tym at the library
i just dont tak to them often so i get scared????

[ veronica is now his therapist ]
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dont kill me but
i used to be?!
its not u ofc its a me thnig but
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dont say sry
its not ur fault its mine
im just rly bad at girls
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i gues we can do that??
i dont mind at all
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Me? [ his voice cracks a bit. ] I mean, what's there to say? I'm the vanguard of HOMRA...
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Uh... I like skateboarding and playing video games. [ he's boring. ] Cooking's fun too, but not a lot of people like the way I cook. And I like red? Red's a nice colour, and I'm also part of the Red Clan. Flowers are nice... [ his voice cracks a bit. his first name means "a beautiful blossom" so he's always been kind of close to flowers, but-- ] They're too girly, though.

HOMRA's the Red Clan! We're a group of people in Shizume City. It's pretty hard to explain, though... ha hah...
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Video games... uh, I like all kinds, really. Especially the fighting ones. [ he doesn't make a mention of the skateboarding thing, but he's against it. it'd be cool, but it's also dangerous, veronica!! ] I put a lot of fruits and vegetables in the stuff I make... Saru hates it.

And they're just girly! I don't have to explain that. They just are.

We're-- We kind of have our own territory in Shizume City, so we look over it and make sure no trouble happens. And since I'm the vanguard, I'm the one who charges in first and scouts stuff.
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... I guess I can cook for you. And let's play ViViD sometime.

[ he'll try not to freak out so much. ]

And yeah, it is girly.

—Oh, uh, no, not really? We're just... a clan.
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Sure, we can do all those.

[ he really will try not to!! ]

I dunno, it's just not my style, even if-- [ urk. he audibly swallows at that, but doesn't continue. ]

Yeah... HOMRA's a real family.
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[ yata audibly grumbles, but doesn't say anything to continue. please don't ask him to say anything else, veronica!!!!! ]

I have a friend here, from home. His name's Saruhiko.


[ he swallows. ]

I mean, his name's Fushimi.


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