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✹ IC Mailbox for Cerealia

Going to fix this up!
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Yes... It's not like this place, but my world is modern.

[Is. Was? Sayo doesn't quite believe in his home world's destruction, yet.]

... I don't know. I don't really think about it.

[He worries about following orders and fighting. Not... how things work.]
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My world is...

[Sayo pauses. What was life like outside of the citadel and the collection? He got a glimpse through the technology they have like "TV shows" and pictures.]

It's different from my old life. It's like being here, but not as many robots and bright lights. But... I don't usually leave the citadel if I don't have a mission.
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[His old life before the collection and the army. Being just a sword and a sword with a human body are two, distinctly different life for him.]

... I never thought about it. I usually stay with my brothers or follow Master's orders. I haven't thought of leaving the citadel for any other reason.
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[Describing the citadel? Sayo blinks, before he nods and try his best.]

The citadel's... big. Very big. [He's trying.] We have a lot of space and room, but almost everyone share a bedroom in groups. I shared mine with my brothers.

[And continues to do so here.]

But... we have enough land to farm food and take care of the horses. So there's always work for us if we don't get deployed to the front lines.
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[Sayo nods and thought for a moment. He guess he can tell her.]

Yes, we do. We farm so we wouldn't go hungry and we can ride out on horses into battle. [Mainly for the slower swords. A lot of the faster swords can fight on foot.] ... As for where we were deployed to, it's to Japan in the past.

[Time travel!]
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I don't really understand the process... but we do.

[Read: Still waiting for solid info about it.]

We went back to the past because there are enemies who wants to change history... So we fight and stop them.
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[He nods.]

Yes... at least, they want to change the past, so they have to be from the future as well.

[It's the only logical explanation he can think of.]
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I don't know their reasons... but they would want history to happen differently.

[All he was needed to know was they they need to preserve history as they know it.]
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That's right. I don't need to know, I just need to follow orders.
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[He stares at her.] Why do I need to know? I just need my orders and being used by Master.

[His mindset as a weapon and a tool haven't completely left him.]
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I don't mind learning new things but...

[There's more to life than being a tool. He heard that before, but he haven't completely reach his answer.]

I don't what else is there for me. What I... [What he wants? A quiet life, undisturbed by his past. But that seems so unlikely for him.] ... can do instead.
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What I wish for...

[It's been asked of him before, but he haven't directly answer it before. He's always so uncertain of what he wants, and if he can put it into words.]

... I know I like being with my brothers and Master. And spending time with everyone.
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[He blinks.] I do spend time with them. [Unless there's more to this?]