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✹ IC Mailbox for Cerealia

Going to fix this up!
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[Well that doesn't answer the age question at all!!!]

I never really went to school either.

[Not for any decent amount of time, anyway.]

What type of classes?
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[But it's rude to ask a lady her age! He'll just have to not be creepy and be careful with how flirty he gets for now. 8Db]

Nah, not really. And I just never had a chance! Like I told you, I started working on a cruise ship when I was just a kid.

Sounds like you got a heavy load, though. Good luck with all that!
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I could've gone when I was younger. Eh, more like I probably would've HAD to go, but I sort of. Left. Had a dream and staying where I was didn't seem like it was gonna get me anywhere, so I hopped a couple of ships and eventually ended up on the Orbit -- that was the cruise ship. Lucky for me, they put me to work instead of kicking me off. Shit, I was probably 8 or 9 or something?

I had a lady teach me basic stuff before that. Letter and numbers and stuff. And then the old geezer at the restaurant kept it up there. Just never really actually been to SCHOOL, you know?
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Yeah, of course! I learned most of what I needed to on the Baratie from that old geezer -- about cooking and everything else. But even then, I'm still picking up new recipes and shit all the time, especially in a place like this. Never really STOP learning, I guess!
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Hey, well if you ever want a cooking teacher, I'm your guy! That's definitely something I actually DO know a lot of shit about!