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✹ IC Mailbox for Cerealia

Going to fix this up!
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[ voice; ] after the flood

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Where are you?
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I am fine. [Something might have knocked her in the head, but it's nothing. (And also might have fallen into the cold water which is worse considering her health before this.]

Stay where you are if it's safe.
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If you endanger yourself you will only be--[brb coughing. She clears her throat.]--you will only be one more person who needs saving.
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Re: [voice;]

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I'm fine.

[She's not.]
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Re: [voice;]

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It's happened before. I will be fine.

I'm safe.
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Re: [voice;]

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There's no reason. Stay where you are.
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Don't make more work for the people trying to help people.