Apr. 27th, 2016 02:02 pm
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Hiroki Yuu
A walking spoiler. The one responsible for Veronica dressing like a Japanese high school girl. Used to be Veronica's go-to person for when no one would answer her questions seriously. She also made Veronica aware of the fact that there will be an attack on her castle and that many people will die though she was never able to tell her the reason of why such an attack occurred.
Rahzel Anadis
Short in stature but very fierce. A perfect icon of fashion and cuteness and strength with an enthusiasm that Veronica loves more than anything else. Gives wonderful and very sound advice, and always answers her questions seriously. One of the Three Cutieteers.
Akashi Kaoru
A girl that's like a constant well of happiness and light. Wise beyond her years. The first person she goes to for advice and for hugs. The colour of her hair is one of the most beautiful things Veronica has ever seen. One of the Three Cutieteers.
She trusts him with everything she is and with everything she's always wanted to be. A precious friend who helped her plant a garden and taught her what it means to like someone even though she wasn't able to return his feelings. She has never stopped wishing for his safety as well as his happiness.
Kind and considerate if a little intense when it comes to violence. He taught Veronica how to handle firearms and she has only the utmost respect for him. Thanks to a rose, she got a short-lived crush on him but he seemed to be fine with it?? He's gifted her a grand total of two guns.
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