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Characters Name: Veronica
Age: 16-17
Canon: Bokura no Kiseki
Canon Point: Volume 7, Chapter 22 (During the talk with Eugene)
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Orientation: Attraction is something she doesn't understand at all. She was raised from birth to be a princess of Zerestria before she was anything else, and as such she's never had to think about attraction or what constitutes as attraction. If given proper access to books she could probably eventually figure out that there is such a thing, but she'd have no idea how to apply it to herself. She was taught from a young age that eventually she would marry a prince though, and princes in her world are always male, so she'd probably prefer to be in a heterosexual relationship. Although she doesn't much care either way.

Veronica is the first princess of Zerestria, and the third generation successor to the throne. It is implied that she has brothers, but that she doesn't see them except for at important ceremonies. As a female of the Zerestrian royal family, she lived in a monastery in a place called Rakedonia until the age of 14 under the tutelage of a monk by the name of Monston. It was here that she met a youth near her age by the name of Carlo, another student of Monston's. They have a rocky start when Veronica, still young and not knowing that there were people who didn't serve her, attempted to order Carlo to fetch her a book. They reconciled when one of her maids taught her that respect is something that goes both ways. Veronica, meeting Carlo again, asks him to lend her a ladder so she can fetch a book by herself, and the two become fast friends. It is during her stay in the monastery that she first receives the ability to use magic via a contract.

At the age of fifteen, she left behind the maids of her childhood and moved to a palace by the name of Rainesburg which was located to the far west of the imperial capital. From that point on, she was assigned a personal guard by the name of Rida Rasazare as well as new maids (one of which is the daughter of the maid who served her back in the monastery.)

At a point in time unspecified by the author, the knights stationed at Rainesburg left for the front lines near the borders. The knights were then replaced by a number of squires. Veronica first meets the squires when she sees one covered in blood and searching around the bushes for the earring he had dropped which marked that he was in her service. Seeing the blood being carelessly dropped over the bushes and the ground and the squire's clothes as a waste, Veronica immediately tries to stem the flow of the blood. This squire was Glen Schrieber, the son of the Belbania family head and a woman trafficked as spare parts for magic. Veronica's concern, stemming from honestly thinking that the blood was wasted since the squire wasn't mopping it up to be used for magic later (seeing as their country was at war and they needed all the sacrifices that could be spared) is taken the wrong way. Veronica later apologizes for this near immediately, as soon as she realizes that she should have apologized. Too bad for Rida that she realized this in the bath and tried to head off to apologize wearing nothing. And the place she had headed to was full of squires. Despite nearly traumatizing Glen and all the squires (averted thanks to a dress hastily thrown over Veronica's head), Glen and Veronica reconcile and become friends.

A year after the arrival of the squires, more priests from the Church also arrive. (The number of the priests at the time had been around 4.) The first of these is the now grown-up Carlo Velbard who comes with the proclamation from Veronica's older brother, the crown prince, announcing her engagement to the third prince of Moswick. The wedding ceremony would be held in the castle of Rainesburg and would cement the alliance between Moswick and Zerestria against the country Aldras. It is around this time that Veronica takes the contract that allows her to use reflecting magic.

The second day after the announcement of the engagement, the Bishop Gale Santoni arrives at Rainseburg with the priest Lucas Langeias.

Veronica's fiancee, Prince Eugene of Moswick arrives after in order to live with Veronica at the castle of Rainesburg along with six guards and eleven servants. Veronica throws a feast where the seating arrangements are free, not according to social class. After the feast, Veronica confronts Eugene in his room in order to ask for further information about the happenings of the war.

Blonde, blue-eyed and pale-skinned, Veronica is considered quite beautiful (if only she weren't also really, really odd). She is slim, but isn't muscled at all because she doesn't spend any time training her body. She is pretty well-endowed for how slim she is.

Most people, on meeting with and talking to Veronica for the first time, are usually left with the vague feeling that she is a very weird person, unlike what they would expect royalty to be. Veronica's world, the world of Zerestria and Moswick and Aldras, is a place where rank and position is everything. Those without land or title cannot disobey their lords, just as their lords cannot disobey their king, and no one can disobey the Church. Despite having grown up in a world like that, Veronica has absolutely no interest in rank. In her castle, while she is of the highest rank, she doesn't treat the squires and servants as if they were beneath her. As far as she's concerned, people are people before they are dukes, the sons of dukes, or the daughters of maids. Because she isn't used to living around those of a higher rank (for instance, it is mentioned in the manga that she doesn't see her brothers unless there is a big event that requests her presence), she's never really learned to respect rank either. In her childhood, she even goes so far as to shave her teacher's eyebrows off in his sleep as a prank.
She gets away with not respecting rank in a world where rank and blood are all the worth people think you have, because she is blessed with both: being descended from royal blood and being the first princess of Zerestria. This is why she is often allowed to have her own way, and no one can truly stop her from doing something she wishes to do.

At the same time though, because she is princess, she is as bound by rank and blood as all of the people around her. She's lived her whole life with the knowledge that there is ultimately no choice in her future. She was born royal and a princess, and that is who she will be her whole life. Regardless of where her interests lie, she knows that one day she is expected to bear royal children and that no matter what she wants, the interests of her country and her people come before her own needs and wants. This doesn't bother her, because she did not live in a time when there was such a thing as choice in who you would become. She has no other path in life but to be princess and she would have it no other way. As princess, being anything but princess would be a waste. By blood, she is the only one who can be Princess Veronica of Zerestria, and if she were to refuse, that would be letting down all the people that she cares about and who care about her in return. If she never even tried to do her very best with what she had, that would be tantamount to simply running away. This is especially important given that Zerestria is at war: she wasn't trained to be a soldier, so the only way she could help was to serve as a means of forming an alliance with Moswick.

If she had been ever bothered about it, it is unlikely she would have simply taken it. One of the principles that she always goes back to, even from a young age, is the fact that no matter what, do what you think is right. When she was a small child, this was evidenced by when she tried to save the fox kit that arrived at the monastery, fatally injured. As an adherent to the ways of the Church, there was absolutely no way that her teacher would have allowed Veronica and Carlo to save the kit. All things must be allowed to come to pass, whether it be to glory or to death, because that is their fate and there is no changing it. Despite that, Veronica would argue with Monston that if all things had to be allowed to happen without any interference, shouldn't the fox kit arriving at the monastery be an indication that it was meant to be saved?

In the end, the kit died.

Before Veronica leaves the monastery, however, Monston reminds her again of this incident, telling her that despite what the Church taught...she was not wrong and no matter what, she should never forget this. Just because what she thought was different, did not mean that either side was wrong. And more important than that: she should live according to her own conscience. If something did not feel like it was right, she should not hesitate to refuse, and if she felt that another course of action should be taken, there was no reason that she should hesitate to do it. This is why Veronica does not treat her servants as beneath her, why her banquets have no seating arrangement so as to promote mingling between both those of the servant class as well as those of the noble class. It is why, when she thinks that Glen misunderstands and only sees her like one of those nobles that treat peasants like dispensable sources of blood, that she immediately marches out of the bath in order to apologize and make everything right again. Live freely, that is what Monston taught her, and what she intended to do.

There are times though, that despite trying her very best to do what she thinks is right, that Veronica inevitably ends up offending others with her actions. As princess, very few people are willing to speak freely and honestly to her from the get-go, because there is always the fact that she is of a higher rank and that many nobles see anyone of lower rank talking back to them as being both ill-mannered and deserving of punishment. Because of this, Veronica often offends people without ever knowing that she has offended someone until it is pointed out to her. When it is pointed out though, Veronica will drop everything and run to apologize, because she recognizes that when you are wrong, you must admit it. There is no value in her mind in insisting that you are right, when you obviously aren't. Admitting that you were wrong wasn't hard, and what would be even worse would be having not listened and learned from your errors.

Learning is something that Veronica craves, from reading books on magic in order to better understand it, to grilling the newly arrived Prince Eugene for information on current world affairs. Veronica knows that there are gaps in her own knowledge and that there is a lot she could learn from others in order to fill these gaps. Because of the times she lives in when knowledge isn't easily available, and even delivering books could take months, she is naive to many things. For instance, she is seen asking Carlo after she learns that she will marry Prince Eugene about what exactly is it that she's required to do as a wife, as she tells him that she isn't sure. It also doesn't help that there did not seem to be any married couples that she could emulate, not even her own parents (since she left to live in the monastery and is likely that she spent very little time with them. She also never mentions them in the times that we are shown the past, referencing only her brothers, one of whom is the crown prince that makes the decree that she will marry Prince Eugene of Moswick.) She isn't content to be naive though, shown by the fact that she never stops asking questions, and is very likely to ask until she is satisfied that the answer is one that will hold up. To her, an answer is one that can't be broken down with a question, because it will be the truth and no matter which angle you look at it from it will make sense.

Veronica can use magic, although it is unknown how many kinds she can use. (The only thing we're certain about from the current chapters is that she can't and does not even know about the existence of healing magic.) Her magic depends on three things though, the presence of spirits, the words of the magic, as well as a sacrifice. Since Veronica has been shown to have gone through at least one contract ceremony, she possesses a spirit within her so whether or not there are spirits present within Holly Heights would be a moot point. Sacrifice would have to come from something living, and could be hair, nails, teeth, blood, or other parts of the body. Veronica can use both hair and blood (a conjecture I'm making based on the magic that her reincarnation Harusumi has been shown to be able to use), meaning that she can use her reflecting magic and one other which uses hair as a sacrifice. The reflecting magic is stated to be something only known and used by those of the royal family of Zerestria. It can rebound any magic back in the direction of its user, leaving Veronica and anyone behind the reflection magic safe. We aren't sure what kind of magic the other one is, only that when it's done using using day-old sacrifices (which are weaker than fresh ones) it will create an intensely blinding light. Veronica isn't trained to fight using magic though, unlike the knights and squires, so even when she gets her magic back, she isn't going to be using it much because magic takes stamina and she doesn't have enough of it.

Other than magic though, she doesn't really have any abilities. Unless we're counting the one where she will order people around unconsciously.


First Person:
[The screen turns on to show a blond girl looking at the camera. Veronica is still not used to this so-called "technology", but she did like using the video function especially when the person she was talking to did the same. It was nice to see the people as opposed to when she could only hear their voice or read what they were writing.

Hands in her lap, she tilts her head and smiles winningly at the camera.]

Will someone draw me a bath?

[Because even though she knows that there's no one here who bears the mark that shows that they are in her service...she didn't think of that as an order. It was phrased as a question and they are more than welcome to say no.]

Third Person:
It was the sun on her face that woke her up first. Veronica didn't have the habit of sleeping in the sun. For one, she just didn't find it to be that comfortable, especially when it was bright. Besides, she had a million and one things for her to do from details like being told what had been delivered to the castle to her own interests like that book she was only halfway finished in the library.

A hand against her eyes, Veronica pushes herself into a sitting position on the strangely hard chair, her fingers finding the gaps between the slats of the chair. Despite being so hard though, the material was smooth to the touch, and she runs her hand over it before looking up, taking in her surroundings, face expressionless until she reaches down and gives her arm a hard pinch.


She rubs at the spot as she looks at the strange houses and odd-looking....carriage? It didn't look like Rainesburg, nor did it look like the monastery. The place she had pinched still ached, so that must mean that it wasn't a dream...

Drawing her knees up so that she can rest her chin against them, the manila folder makes her stop. With a blink, she flips it open and finds that she's able to read what is written in it despite not knowing the language. That was odd but she files that away for another day. For now, she wouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth.